How is affiliate marketing considered an online business?

affiliate marketing services4 How is affiliate marketing considered an online business?
Baf F asked:

How is a website with content that makes money from ads and considered an “online business“? You can’t make business cards for your website, can you? Since you are not providing a service or product, but providing information, you can’t call yourself a CEO of your website, can you?

 How is affiliate marketing considered an online business?


  1. Derek Ransom says:

    Hey, it’s making money… don’t hate the game

  2. Jim L says:

    Website content

    An affiliate is earning money by advertising online. That would make them an online business. But true, it is not the kind of business where one has business cards or letterhead printed.

  3. Doctor Deth says:

    you only make any money from that if you have a website with CONTENT that will attract eyeballs who THEN might see the ads for the companies you have affiliate accts with – unless you are getting at least 1,000 visits a day to your website, you probably won’t make dollar one with affiliate programs

    of course you can make business cards for your website, – if you have content there that you provide and update regularly, but if it is just a website with links on it for your affiliate programs, it’s not going to get any business

  4. Paul says:

    Caffeinated Content for WordPress

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  5. David says:

    Create a video blog

    Through providing information you can attract potential customers to a product or service. it’s how affiliate marketing works see.
    It’s like a form of advertising only that you don’t directly sell the products to the would-be customers.
    If you’re interested in affiliate marketing you can check this site out.

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